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Infor. Specialized for the Fashion Industry.
Increase customer satisfaction with Infor Fashion ERP
Infor Fashion is specialized for the fashion industry, which means it offers the broadest, deepest solution for the entire fashion industry. With Infor Fashion ERP, you can rapidly develop products that consumers want, and then get them to market more quickly than your competitors. Infor Fashion ERP helps you streamline sourcing and sample management, simplify design and product development, and automate sales. You'll be able to focus on what matters most to you, be it showcasing new designs, simplifying the ordering process, or just being optimally positioned to run your business. You can implement Infor Fashion quickly, minimizing the solution's time to value, and meeting your goals even faster.
Reduce costs in the supply chain and improve profit margins
The fashion industry has driven as much cost out of the product itself as it's going to. We keep looking for more ways to reduce material and labor costs, but these are not the right cost components. The room for further improvement in those categories is marginal at best and volatile at worst. So where is the opportunity to reduce cost in the supply chain? Across the spectrum, business process improvements, sustainability initiatives, and better data visibility offer the most attainable and maintainable cost reductions. Read this whitepaper that addresses cost-saving measures implemented by industry-leading performers.
Augusta Sportswear now reacts quickly to changing trends
In the fashion industry you must be able to instantly react to trends and rapid restocking of stores to meet demand on popular items. This requires responding strategically to the changes in the global supply chain. If you do not have the right product mix in each store at any point in time, you risk losing sales opportunities and your brand image and customer loyalty may suffer. Too much of the wrong merchandise can lead to low sell-through rates on other product lines. Ticket price markdowns are then often necessary to shift excess merchandise and minimize obsolete inventory, squeezing your profit margins. Learn how Augusta Sportswear is able to grow its business with Infor.
Infor Fashion is a suite of software products designed specifically for small- to large-sized fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, luxury goods, and textile companies.
Infor Fashion helps you:
  • Plan production across long- and short-term horizons, right through to the delivery of goods to the distribution warehouse.
  • Eliminate inventory cost from the overall value chain.
  • Move from a push model to a demand-driven supply chain model.
  • Enhance demand planning and forecasting.
  • Get better control over inventory.
  • Streamline the development of new products and the introduction of new collections.
  • Reduce product design and development costs.
  • Eliminate inventory cost from the overall value chain.
  • Turn more of your gross revenue into net profit.
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