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Transformers & Rectifiers India Limited (T&R) is a manufacturer of a wide range of transformers sold both domestically and internationally, including power, distribution and furnace transformers, rectifiers, and specialty transformers.
With the implementation of Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN), they have successfully increased the transparency across the business and compete profitability in the Indian and global market. T&R has been able to reduce the capacity of errors by linking each stage of an order to track production accurately.
T&R is able to achieve excellence by managing their network and are able to operate at peak efficiency while adapting to change. With Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) you can:
Include engineers, suppliers, and customers in the development process
Know every aspect of your complex, custom projects, and comfortably deal with change requests
Secrets of Success
Click on the link below to download the case study of Transformers & Rectifiers India Ltd. (T&R) and learn how they maintain a competitive edge using Infor.
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For more information on Infor ERP solutions email us at info.india@infor.com or call:
Vipul Sharma: +91 9958811713
Vandana Ohri: +91 9958666217
Extend value to your customers throughout the total equipment lifecycle
Enable manufacturers to make the aftermarket a profit center by adding extended services
Support full dealership services
The availability of real time information has completely changed the way T&R manage their production, inventory and cost structures while meeting customer expectations.
Read the case study of how Transformers & Rectifiers have enhanced visibility and are making better decisions with Infor.
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Team MSL