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Presenting Ctrl+L session 4: The guide that simplifies Supplier Relationship Management.
Dear Colleagues
With the global nature of business and its rising complexities, connecting and collaborating with all the suppliers is a challenging task. As the growth of business depends on ever improving supplier performance, reduced inventory, lower supply chain costs, and increase operational efficiencies give business a new outlook with the Infor10 SupplyWEB solution.
Infor10 Supplier Exchange presents one face to suppliers. It's an advanced, web-enabled SCM solution that provides an avenue for effective collaboration with suppliers and efficient execution. Proven to lower costs, reduce inventory, and increase operational efficiencies, Infor10 Supplier Exchange delivers unmatched value, with features that include:
Supply chain management - Event management, alerts, shipping, receiving, and ERP integration
Supply replenishment - Supplier managed inventory (SMI), releases, advance shipping notices (ASNs), purchase orders (POs), eKanban, and premium freight support.
Supplier performance - Supplier ratings, supplier action plans, corrective action, root cause, defective materials notices (DMNs), delivery performance reviews (DPRs), and production part approval processes (PPAPs)
Infor10 Supplier Exchange supports online collaboration between every type of company in the manufacturing supply chain, including logistics providers, 3PLs, outside processors, purchase parts suppliers, and discrete purchase order suppliers.
At the end of the Ctrl+L session, we hope to leave you with more knowledge and clarity on Infor10 Supplier Commerce Portal. Register now for Ctrl+L training session on Infor10 Supplier Commerce Portal (SupplyWEB) - Friday, April 13, 2012, 12.00 noon onwards. Please note, for those who want to attend the session at the Infor offices in Delhi and Mumbai, seating is limited and registrations are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Warm Regards

Team Ctrl+L