Tame Complexity and Improve Operational Excellence with Infor
Industrial Machinery Operations. Simplified.
Leading industrial machinery manufacturer leverages end-to-end ERP solution to increase visibility and save time.
Globally, manufacturers are adopting strategies and technologies to help them master growing complexities of the manufacturing business to gain a powerful competitive advantage. With Infor Enterprise ERP, you can tame these complexities simply, efficiently, and productively. Configurable business process modeling helps you manage the most complex order-to-cash, design-to-production, and procure-to-pay processes.
Download the Infor Industrial Machinery Productivity Kit and find out how Zicom, a leading manufacturer of marine deck machinery, fluid regulating and metering stations, transit concrete mixers, and foundation and geotechnical equipment slashed business process time by more than 50% - especially during the month-end close.
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