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1. SupplyWEB is a web-based application that enables the exchange of automotive releases and Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) between customers and their suppliers. -
True     False

2. Does SupplyWEB support Bar Code Labeling?
Yes     No

3. SupplyWEB is a hosted application which requires PC with internet access.
True     False

4. With Infor10 Supplier Exchange, you can achieve the following things:
100% electronic communications with all your suppliers
EDI Capability
Eliminate monthly recurring VAN charges
All of the Above

5. Supplier managed inventory is an important tool to reduce stock value and cash flow.
True     False

6. Optimal Sequencing will reduce setup scrap. The "Use-Up-Optimization" tool will calculate the most cost-efficient point to introduce new product.
True     False

7. Target Market for SupplyWEB are :
Discrete, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, and Industrial Products Markets
Life Sciences
None of the Above

8. SupplyWEB requires integration with ERP and cannot be used standalone.
True     False

9. Which of the following alerts are available with SupplyWEB?
Exception Base Management with Event Console
Alerts with e-mail notification functionality
User roles and security
All of the Above

10. The Proposed Purchase Orders (Proposed POs) module facilitates a PO negotiation and collaboration process
True     False

11. As proposed POs move through the negotiation process customers and suppliers have complete visibility into PO status through :
The Proposed PO Console.    ERP    SCM Planner

12. Which of the following is true :
SupplyWEB helps to negotiate the purchase order terms and focus on product delivery.
Online Tendering

13. SupplyWEB is licensed based on the number of factories and required supplier connections:
True     False

14. Global Track and Trace of goods in-transit from long distant suppliers is possible through SRM:
Material Planning and Logistics Module    Premium Freight Module    DMN

15. In SupplyWEB financial settlement helps self billing for suppliers and automated payments for customer
True     False

16. Below are the Supplier Performance Indicators:
Supplier Ratings
Supplier Action Plans
Defective Materials Notices (DMNs)
Production Part Approval Processes (PPAPs)
All of the Above

17. Infor10 Supplier Exchange will help you:
Provide support for multiple replenishment methods
Deploy "Pull" replenishment methodologies including Kanban or SMI
Bring disparate ERPs to a common platform, with data from all customer sites presented in same format
All of the Above

18. When new documents are added or existing documents are updated, EMC alerts and/or e-mail notifications are triggered.
True     False

19. Below are the hidden costs in the Supply Chain :
Inventory and Safety stock     Inventory obsolescence     Premium Fright     All of the Above

20. SupplyWEB communicates all actual information and the overall status with the supplier with EDI functionality.
True     False