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1. What are the base components of Infor10 Supply Chain Execution license?
a) WMS     b) Billing      c) Labor d) Slotting e)  a,b and c f)  a, b, c and d

2. What are the benefits of a best-of-breed WMS?
a WMS helps achieve 99.9% inventory integrity
b) WMS helps achieve 99.9% perfect order
c) WMS helps reduce inventory levels
d)  a and c
e)  a, b and c

3. What are the barriers in a typical warehouse?
a) Lower Productivity     b) Lower Inventory accuracy     c) Both

4. What are the manifestations of poor warehouse management?
a) Proper Planning     b) Proper Execution     c) Proper Technology     d) All

5. When would you prefer Infor WMS over Infor Barcode in a sales opportunity?
a) Handle simple warehousing operations in a manufacturing plant
b) Handle heavy warehousing operations in a 3PL or retail environment
c) As a replacement to the customer's ERP
d) All

6. Infor WMS can be integrated with only Infor ERPs
True     False

7. Which of the following is not a common objection?
a) WMS is only for large retailers / 3PL service providers
b) If I use ERP, why do I need a WMS application
c) WMS can be used by unskilled laborers
d) All

8. WMS helps in Labor savings of up to 40% or more
True     False

9. What does FEFO stand for?
a) First End First Out     b) First Expire First Out     c) First Extreme First Out     d) First In First Out

10. WMS does not act as a GPS in the warehouse?
True     False

11. What does Voice directed picking do?
a) Reduces picking errors
b) Enables Hands free and eyes free operations
c) Reduces worker training time
d) a) and c)
e) a) b) and c)

12. Task Interleaving reduces "dead-heading" and improves labor efficiency
True     False

13. Which of the following is a type of cross-docking function?
a) Opportunistic Flow-thru     b) Flow-thru    c) Trans-Shipment     All

14. Which of the following is a type of picking option?
a) Paper    b) Voice    c) RF    d) All

15. RF Directed operation reduces task completion time
True     False

16. What does RF stand for?
a) Radio Frequency      b) Radio Frequently     c) Road Friendly     d) Road Frequency    

17. What is the current type of licensing policy for Infor10 SCE?
a) Named Users      b) Concurrent Users     c) Server based     d) All of the above

18. Which are the industries where WMS can be positioned?
a) 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Service Providers
b) Retail
c) FMCG and Food & Beverages
d) Automotive
e) All

19. What does a good WMS helps in achieving?
a) Find inventory faster     b) Improve order fill rates     c) Replace manual tasks with system directed      d) All

20. WMS can be implemented without RF hand-held devices?
True     False