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1. Which of the following statements is true of Infor ION?
An additional, optional module must be purchased to implement workflow.
It allows customers to integrate not only Infor products, but non-infor products that conform to industry standards.
It automatically produces reports that contain all system transactions. The user can configure how often the reports are generated.

2. Which of the following is an intuitive, browser-based interface that is easily configured & used to monitor services?
ION Event Management     ION Workflow     ION Desk     ION Pulse

3. Which of the following helps in communication & secure sharing of data across on-premise & cloud applications?
ION Desk     ION Event Management     ION Connect     ION

4. In Infor10 ION, a pulse can be defined as:
A measure of the current system load
Any event that moves through the system
A point-in-time snapshot of the database

5. With Infor10 ION, the integration effort is the same whether connecting Infor applications or third
party solutions.

True    False

6. As Infor products have been natively integrated with ION using standard Business Object Documents, once an applications is connected with ION there is "Out of the box" business monitoring available for that application.
True    False

7. ION stands for:
Interoperative Open Network
Institute of Navigation
Interactive Operating Network
Intelligent Open Network
Intelligent Operating Network

8. After implementing any ION on-premise solution, an ION integration will enable the customer to move
their Infor solution to the cloud.

True    False

9. Which of the following functions are included with Infor10 ION? Select all that apply.
Event management     Workflow     Reporting     Integration     In-context Business Intelligence

10. Which of the following statements best describes the flow of information between Infor10 ION & the business applications that it connects?
An event triggers ION to pull the data from an application.
An event triggers the application to push the data to ION.
A user request for information triggers ION to pull information from an application.
An application request for information triggers ION to pull information from a second application.

11. Infor10 ION makes data available between connected applications via:
A series of query requests     A database vault     Data packets

12. Which of the following event types can be monitored by Infor10 ION? Select all that apply.
Events that were supposed to happen, but did not
Events that happen across a set of systems
Events that happen within a system

13. When a "connected" application is upgraded:
ION must be re-installed.
Additional ION licenses must be purchased.
An ION customization project is required.
It is independent of other applications that comprise the total Infor solution.

14. In ION, Event Management rules:
Are user-defined based on business needs
Can be purchased in packages created for specific verticals
Are pre-configured according to industry standards

15. When positioning Infor10 ION to the IT teams of Global Enterprise customers, you should emphasize that ION will replace their existing middleware.
True    False

16. Which of the following best describes the function of ION Connect?
Query driven data load     Event driven interoperability     Request driven information share

17. Which of the following events can be monitored in Infor10 ION?
An order is logged in ERP, WMS shows inventory is not available
A sales order is cancelled
An order is logged in ERP, shipment confirmation never occurs in WMS

18. Which of the following workflow scenarios can be implemented in Infor10 ION?
Requisition approval in EAM & if approved, process in ERP
PO approval
Review a budget
Enter a new customer

19. Which of the following are Infor10 ION SKU (Bundling) options?

20. Which of the following best describes ION pricing?
Server-based pricing based on CPU-Cores
Base price plus number of connector types needed
Server-based pricing based on server size